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Belle Bête

Pentawards 2016
Branding Design

20 days in May 2016


In group of 3, we did a Packaging Workshop with Paul Vickers to create a meat products. 

Packaging model research

November 2015 

1 | Design

Understand needs of stakeholder

The first step of the project is to understand work of farmers and also consumer needs to propose an authenticity packaging which invites to cook or just eat because it is a respectful & healthy product.

2 | Prototype


We tried different models of pack to choose the most efficient and useful for customer. As you can see, on picture below, we created an easy way to open and proof quality of the inside product. 

Opening system of the packaging

December 2015

Packaging for Pentawards 

May 2016

Range of products

May 2016

Range of products - front

May 2016

Range of products - back

May 2016

Next Project

User Interfaces

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