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Graphic Design
Branding Design

June 2015 - November 2015


As the same time as my studies at L'École de design Nantes Atlantique, I contributed to define a graphic chart of a Music Festival called Chantrival due to the historic location of this cultural event. I interacted during this project with other volunteer students come from Engineering Schools, Veterinarian School and Design School. Thanks to this global experience, I learnt a lot about how communicate and manage a team. I also improved my softskills to have a professional attitude with co-workers, printers, sponsors and customers (festival-goers).. 


November 2015 

1 | Design

Collaborate in a team 

The first difficulty of this experience is to identify each co-worker to know how speak to somebody because we have different work methodology to do a task. The strength is community intelligence. There is an African proverb saying that "If you want to travel fast, walk alone; if you want to travel far, walk together". 


November 2015

Entrance tickets & Ecocups

November 2015

Music band of Chantrival

November 2015

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