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Interactive Design

March 2017 - June 2017


In first year of Digital Culture Master at READI Design Lab - L'École de design Nantes Atlantique, we have the opportunity to work in partnership with MAIF, a french insurance company. During this project, the challenge was to create a service and an IoT which allows old people still living home. The purpose is to slow dependence down.

Old People Interviews  

March 2017 

1 | Define

Understand People 

The first step of the project is to meet old people. Because I worked with senior member, I learnt a lot about how communicate to someone unknown. I developed my soft skills like empathy, professionalism and facilitating skills. ​The project improves also my opinion of old people concerning technology  and smart services.

How can old people interact with their relatives without

digital cœrcion?

2 | Design


Old people can access to their relatives due to using a connected pen which permits to send script writings to a tablette. Thanks to writings recognition, family of the old user can read easily notes in order to keep a solid link between them. 

Plum, a connected pen 

June 2017

Writings shared with grandchildren  

June 2017

Build experience journey   

During this period, we developed the journey map of our service between senior user and his family. This part was so amazing because we decided to think about different functionalities to help efficiently old user to simplify number of actions with devices.

3 | Develop

Prototype, Test & Iterate  

We printed our connected pen thanks to a 3D printer which permits to adjust the shape   in order to pick up easily.


May 2017

I tried to develop useful user interfaces for old people because for old people it is quite complicated to interact and use touch gesture.  

User Tests

June 2017

4 | Deliver


To summarize, we delivered a video to explain our service to MAIF.

Lire la vidéo

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