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Interactive Design

June 2017 - February 2018



In finale year of Master 2 at L'École de design Nantes Atlantique, we have to do an End Study Project. I would like to focus on care topic, that is why I chose to work on Sun Exposure. I did this project in collaboration with Jules Marécaille, IT engineer from Polytech Nantes, in double degree D.U. DESSiiN. 


September 2017 

1 | Define

Understand People 

The first step of the end study project is to understand the context. That is why, I met sociologists, dermatologists, doctors, nurses, people sensitive to sun consequences like parents, young adults, kids.

Sun exposure is due to ultraviolet rays. However, for people spending time under the sun is something natural. Users cannot understand why these rays are so dangerous because they are invisible to the human eye. UV rays can pass through your skin and damage your skin cells. When people get sunburns, the consequences on their health are unpleasant. This is why, I wrote a thesis, focus on the possibilities the designer has to modify the actual vision people have on sun exposure in order to make sure the next young generation of people is aware of these dangers.

Discuss with Experts  

The possibility I have to explain my project to skin experts like dermatologists permits me to defend the necessity and improve the legitimacy of my concept for the finale jury. My methodology is centered of user who are going to use my solution  That is why, I interact with to feel, think different not only as a designer but also as an user.  

Regulate sun behavior with a connected device to reduce sunburn and preserve skin health

Parent & Child relationship 

November 2017

2 | Design


I elaborated different ways to find singular solutions. I organized several Design Thinking Workshops with kids (8 to 12 years old) and parents to identify their needs.

Design Thinking Workshop

November 2017

Sketchs of the device  

November 2017

Create experience journey   

My methodology is centered of user who are going to use my solution  That is why, I interact with to feel, think different not only as a designer but also as an user. For this project, I worked not only on design approach but also on business strategy with the Business Model Canevas.   

3 | Develop

Prototype, Test & Iterate  

We printed our device thanks to 3D printer to adjust the shape & have correct ergonomic

for everyday using. 

Pieces of the prototype 

January 2018

Prototype - Scale: 2 

January 2018

We drew user (parents) interfaces for our project thanks to Sketch App. We tested a lot with experts and users to have an intuitive experience and a useful visual interface under stable by everyone. 

User Experience Tests

January 2018


User Interfaces (parent)

February 2018

4 | Deliver


To summarize, we delivered a video to explain the aim of the device and mobile app.

Lire la vidéo

Sunster pack: bracelet, necklace, badge 

February 2018

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