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Graphic Design
User Experience

November 2015 - February 2016


During the last year of Graphic Design Bachelor Degree - L'École de design Nantes Atlantique, we have the opportunity to work in partnership with Bioparc, a french zoo situated in Doué la Fontaine. I imagined this project with Elena Stevant, our challenge during this period was to imagine a new signage to permit of the troglodytic zoo to have an effect on visitor.

Private visit of the Bioparc  

November 2015 

1 | Define

Understand philosophy

The first step of the project is to understand philosophy of zoo concept because Bioparc is not a classic entertainment space but it is an experience & peaceful area for animals. Zoo management focus on well-being of their species in order to be human compared to competitors. For partner, make a spectacle of animals is not a fun business, it is a mistreatment for animals and unacceptable activity for a zoo. 


Soak spirit up

The Bioparc of Doué la Fontaine is a world’s unique troglodyte zoo. Located in a shelled sedimentary rock quarry, the park provides a completely immersive experience with its luxuriant vegetation. That is why, to begin we visited the Bioparc. Because it the best solutions to feel the natural atmosphere, interact with animals in order to think without barriers. Feel free to dream thanks to lovely colors & natural elements.

Create a tautness with troglodyte tunnels which are a natural link between several animal space

2 | Design


We decided to change the name of the Bioparc by TROGLOZOO, which is combination of Troglodytic (TROGLO) + Parc (ZOO). These three syllabus permits to clearly define our logotype which takes inspiration of animal patterns. 

Troglozoo - Business Cards 

February 2016

Entrance of the zoo

February 2016

Create experience journey   

We decided to create a "corten" steel totem in front of the trogodytic zoo entrance to identify easily the area. In addition to that, we developed furniture based on our graphic universe to feel a global experience in & out of the zoo.   

3 | Deliver


We created mockups to present our Graphic Design work to the jury and zoo direction. 

Module of signage

February 2016

Module of signage

February 2016

Troglozoo Bench

February 2016

Troglozoo Program

February 2016

Next Project

Belle Bête

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